Independent Work
Duration: 2.13
Scene co-created with Mariana Vily and Rutvik Patel
Would you go back inside if you and your friend were talking about the same guy at the party?
Kyan Ponchya (How far have you reached?)
Duration: 6.15
Gujarati (English subtitles)
Will this family make it with Mummy to her surprise birthday bash?
USPRAY Toilet Seat Sanitizer Commercial
Duration: 1.27
English + Hindi
Bye bye hovering, squatting and endless DIY toilet paper seats! Hello USpray!
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Buzzfeed India | Drunk Indian Women Try To Put On Saries
Duration: 4.28
Draping a sari is not as complicated as one might think. Or is it?
Untypical | Deval vs Dabeli 
Duration: 5.13
Gujarati (English Subtitles)
When shit hits the fan in an arranged marriage proposal for Deval, what will she do?
Music Video | Nikhil D'Souza
Duration: 2.59
Walking through the chaos and calm that is - Mumbai!
Airtel | Wynk Music Commercial 
Duration: 0.22
I sang in Sanskrit for my 1st TVC on Indian Television!

Music Video | Har Kisi Ki Kahani | Mrinaal Music

Duration: 4.20


Celebrating all our differences and similarities, no matter where we come from.

Shikhandi - The Story of In-Betweens, an Experiment in Theatre 

The Quint

Duration: 2.31


On essaying Shikhandi written and directed by Faezeh Jalali

The Connection: A Short Film | The Quint

Duration: 12.14

Hindi + English (English Subtitles)

Will it take a rainy night and a bad WiFi connection for Tarun and Payal to find their connection again? Have we said "connection" enough times already?

Mahnaz by Untypical

Duration: 0.46

A Montage 

Mahnaz over the years with Untypical Channel

Daingad Daingad 

Duration: 0.35


A short clip from the Bollywood Song Daingad from Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania. Find the full song here